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AllThing Specification Framework

The goal of AllThing is to allow a declarative style of automated software tests that resemble specifications. It is primarily aimed at functional / system level testing rather than unit testing.

Eclipse Ergo

Ever wanted to know what the keybindings are for the most frequently used menu actions? Look no further…


This Eclipse plugin calculates various metrics for your code during build cycles and warns you, via the Problems view, of ‘range violations’ for each metric. This allows you to stay continuously aware of the health of your code base. You may also export the metrics to HTML for public display or to CSV format for further analysis.


An Eclipse plugin to support a personal or project Wiki in Eclipse. Links to Eclipse resources, Java classes and external URLs are supported.


The scope and applicability of integrity constraints specified by the SQL standard and provided by commercial and open source SQL DBMS implementations is pitiful. EssSkewEll helps by allowing Java projects to express arbitrarily complex constraints – if you can write it in SQL, you can constrain it. These contraints will be checked before a transaction is committed and, optionally, after a batch is executed.

Fly Buzz

An Eclipse plugin for the Fly Object Space.


InvariantJ is a mechanism for implementing class invariant checking in Java. It uses a simple method naming convention to allow developers to create as many invariants as they wish. If one or more invariants fail at runtime, an exception will be thrown with a message containing the full list of violated invariants.


Jedi is a Java library of functional-like behaviours for first order logic functions, filtering, iteration, conversion from one collection type to another, and much more.


MoreUnit is an Eclipse plugin that allows quick navigation between a class and its test case (similar to IntelliJ’s TestDox plugin).

Save Me

Save Me is a very small Eclipse plugin that will save an unsaved editor when the editor loses focus.


SortIt is an Eclipse plugin which adds simple sorting to text editors.


SubText is Aspect Oriented Documentation. It discovers and builds documentation dynamically using a language similar to AspectJ’s pointcuts, enabling designers and developers to present crosscutting documentation where its actively needed during development.

Tane Eclipse Refactorings

Tane is an open source project that adds some refactorings to Eclipse.